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Holidays, Gifts, And Celebration Ideas

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Many people tend to treat holidays and celebrations as fun, at best, and occasions for unproductive behavior, at worst, this question may seem unusual. features special events of all kinds, not merely official holidays. In reality, many of our most joyful festivals are not official holidays at all. Halloween, for example, is commonly celebrated throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Ireland, and it is growing in popularity throughout Europe. But is not an recognized public holiday; we don’t get a day’s rest from employment on October 31. Instead it is a “popular” fun day in the truest sense: people are motivated to celebrate it regardless of the often hostile views toward it held by both church and state.

Holidays – Getting Together

Holidays are also essential markers of season and transition through the year. Our celebrations are chances for people to get together, to share and to create their sense of groupness, of belonging. Holidays and festivities anchor people in time and place. Festivals and celebrations mark moments of life and history that we consider most important. But they disguise their unique purpose with fun.

Holidays and Tourism

All kinds of travelers will value the listings of public holidays in the U.S. and other countries, and it will also add special interest to the planning of personal vacations at home and abroad.On top of the often spectacular fests of the world, there are now scores of lighthearted or tongue in cheek famous holiday events, such as the Great American Duck Race in Deming, New Mexico, or the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California. From state to state and country to country there are amusing, exotic, and diverting events which have become great tourist attractions. Journalists will find this an excellent desk book for news stories on the significance of days.

Holidays and Religions

Different religions have continued to find common ground in the concept of special days to mark the supreme mysteries of life. Three of the great world religions-Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-have all acknowledged a holy day of rest from the week of toil for special worship. The Sabbath of Judaism was moved by Christians from Saturday to Sunday, while for Muslims, “the day of assembly” in a mosque is Friday.

Holidays and Cultures

The wide variety of international coverage reflects the history and cultural identity of many countries. This has special significance for the U.S., which has always been a melting pot of nationalities, each with their own traditions and customs. Side by side with the memories of such ethnic and cultural identity goes the assimilation of specifically American history and culture. Consequently, this
helps to bring harmony and understanding in the host community and towards other countries and peoples of the world, improving pride and pleasure in honoring the truly amazing events of world history and culture, the men and women who brought them about, and sharing the excitement and happiness of festival days.

Holidays, Gifts, and Celebrations Ideas… what could be more important?